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V for Victory began in 2017 after a local business owner’s son was diagnosed with cancer. A cancer diagnosis shakes a family to it’s core, the family is face with unthinkable uncertainties and challenges and yet the outside world, and every day responsibilities continue to move forward. This Jacksonville business (V Pizza) owner saw firsthand how deeply the entire family is impacted when a loved one is battling cancer and how overwhelming it can be to focus on something as simple as lawn service or cooking a meal. Using his background in business, he developed a unique model of service delivery. A non-profit dedicated to activating local businesses and individuals in support of families in their community. This life-changing event forged an unbreakable bond between V for Victory and V Pizza, and has made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of families battling cancer. As V Pizza continues to grow and expand into new communities, so does our reach, and V for Victory’s ability to serve and provide assistance to families battling cancer.


Our Core Values

These are the beliefs that drive our work each and every day. 

We choose to serve first, this is a force that motivates the team, the board, and those who partner with us.

We are reliable, trustworthy and hold our team to the highest standards of transparency. 

We desire to make a difference in the lives of others while strengthening ties within our community.

We believe that we can achieve more collectively than individually.

We honor the worth of each and every person and business we work with.

We Know That

None of this would be possible without dedicated staff, business partners, and community members who support our work through their time and donations.


The crew is small but mighty! We truly rely on our active board members and volunteers to keep serving those around us. 

Jacklyn Overby

Executive Director

Born in South Florida, Jacklyn received her Masters in Social Work from New York University and now lives in Jacksonville with her husband and two children. With a background in nonprofit program development and direct service, Jacklyn joined V for Victory in 2019 and holds a true passion for supporting families in need. Having experienced firsthand the deep impact medical crisis has on the whole family, Jacklyn feels blessed to be able to offer much-needed support to local families.

Kaitlin Alterman

Director of Family Services

Kaitlin, a native to Jacksonville resides with her Hero (Daughter) and Husband. She was first introduced to the world of Cancer after her daughter was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in 2012. Through her daughter’s battle, she has seen the emotional and financial struggles that come with cancer firsthand. Kaitlin feels honored to be part of the V4V mission, that echoes what she carries in her own heart to help other cancer families.


Advancing the mission of v for victory

Each board member brings different strengths, talents, and abilities to the board, each member’s contribution serves to advance and uphold the organization’s mission. Part of being an active board member is sharing that passion with others and inspiring them to become involved. Board members actively network with others, opening new doors and opportunities with potential major donors, businesses and/or community partners.

  • Dr. Zachary Neumann – President
  • Brad Hilton
  • Chip Greene
  • Liana Marasco
  • Keri Reardon
  • Paul Scott
  • David Altman
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