Our Essential


Our Special Projects

With Your Support V for Victory Continues to Grow In the Many Ways We Serve Local Families

Although the majority of our work is coordinating everyday direct services we are able to deliver special projects and programs as we continue to grow.


The VICTORY cart is a physical coffee cart fully stocked with items (coffee, tea, etc) for families on the oncology unit (Weaver 4) at Wolfson’s Children’s hospital. The VICTORY cart’s “Cup of Comfort” is a gesture to families that they are not alone in this fight, that there is a community here to support them. It also serves as a way of introducing ourselves to families so that we might be able to provide valuable resources to them throughout their cancer journey. Help keep this cart stocked all year long!

Bricks of Love

LEGO group donated over 6500 LEGO Sets to V for Victory in October of 2021.  This project aims to change the narrative for children in treatment for cancer by providing something positive for them to look forward to after every doctors visit. Whether it’s bloodwork, a scan, a port injection or any other cancer related treatment, every child receiving treatment at Nemours will receive a LEGO set after every appointment. Connect with us to learn more about this program!

Our Business Partners

Our Work Would Not Be Possible Without You

We provide opportunities for local business owners to give back in a meaningful way to families in need.

v pizza team member making pizza

We have a vision, that every individual and family in our community who is struggling with everyday demands while battling cancer will be supported and uplifted by other members within their community. If every business in Northeast Florida signed up to provide just one service or product one time a month, we could make that vision a reality together!